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How durable are the products?

We use Italian wood coatings specifically made for cabinets and furniture. On top of being very durable, I add a catalyst to the products to harden when its sprayed and makes it ultra durable!  When properly taken care of, our products can last 10-15+ years no problem.

What precautions do you take to help protect my family from Covid-19 exposure?

Being first responders, most of us were able to get vaccinated .  As an added precaution we wear a mask the entire time while working in your house to protect all of us !

Do you guys offer tile and backsplash installation?

We currently do not offer tiling work. However, we have several contractors we work with regularly who do a great job and will give you their contact information.

Do you offer new countertop services?

We have a contractors account with the largest countertop fabricator in WNY - Shell Fab.  What you will need to do is cal and schedule an appointment with them. Mention you are working with First Response Cabinet Refinishing & Painting and it will give you a significant discount!

How many days will this project take?

Typically the project takes less than a week , but in rare cases it can take a few extra days.  We will come and get the doors our first day. then work in your kitchen over the next 4 days . After the doors are finished, we return and install then the project is completed.

Do you have a customer referral program?

YES! As a small business, we heavily rely on word of mouth from satisfied customers!  As a thank you, we send out referral checks once the job is completed!

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